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Tether Mounts

Tether Mounts

Mount - "mount" is the term that we used to describe the place and/or method that a tether connects to a securing point, e.g. a counter, equipment panel, etc. The mount you choose will depend upon the "connecting points" available and/or the level of security that you need. While there are an almost infinite list of ways of connecting one thing to another, we have found the following will handle most situations:

split-ring.jpgSplit Ring - the simplest way to describe a split ring would be to refer to it as a key ring, however they do come in a number of different sizes. Like a key, a tether, loop or device is "threaded" onto the ring, opening one gap and spinning it through with one full turn. A split ring is a good option for preventing loss, but not as ideal in high theft environments. A split ring is available on any of our tether material options.

cell-phone-loop.jpgCell Phone Loop - with devices growing smaller and more portable every day the task of attaching a strap or other tether becomes more challenging. To accommodate this need, many device manufacturers are including a small "portal" through which a tether can be threaded. Unfortunately this compartment is usually very small. To solve this problem, the "cell-phone loop" was created. It is a thin but strong reinforced nylon cord that can be threaded through and looped back through itself to provide a strong but simple connection.

adhesive-mounts.jpg Adhesive Disk - typically refers to a plastic component to which a tether may be attached, and that is backed by double-sided adhesive tape. Depending upon the environment and level of loss prevention required, this is often a great option, as it requires no modification to the environment/equipment and can be mounted very quickly. An adhesive disk is available on any of our tether material options.

screw-terminal-small.jpgScrew Terminal - a screw terminal is an ideal option when attaching a tether to a panel, console, kiosk or other piece of equipment where a screw exists (or could be added) to secure the tether. Screw terminals are available on our aircraft cable tethers and some urethane tether configurations.

hd-screw-mount-small.jpgHD (heavy duty) Screw Mount - like the screw terminal mount, this heavy duty screw mount is an ideal option when attaching a tether to a counter, console, kiosk or other piece of equipment. The difference between the two is that this is better suited to environments where screws don't exist but can be added. Also for environments where mounting strength is important. This option is only available with our aircraft cable tethers.

pen-stylus-tool-holders.jpgPen/Stylus/Tool Holder - this trademark design holder is great for not just pens & styluses, but also tools & more. It can be mounted to a panel with screws or via double-stick tape (included). And it has a hidden "termination cavity" where the end crimp/stop of a tether can be attached without taking away from the aesthetics of a particular environment.


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